Current Board

Azalea Roseli is this year’s president and face of CS Ubuntu. She is in her third year of the History bachelor. She is the board’s focal point for the Lecture Committee. Her fields of interest include international relations with a focus on Southeast Asia. Don’t hesitate to contact her personally at







Wouter Kuijl is this year’s Secretary. He is a student of History with a minor in Conflict Studies. Currently, he is currently studying International Relations at Utrecht University and is interested in military history (specifically Napoleonic and the Cold War), contemporary Western interventions and intelligence. Wouter shall be the focal point of the Study Trip Committee. Feel free to contact him at 






Miriam Shaw is this year’s treasurer and therefore responsible for everything to do with CS Ubuntu’s finances. She is the board’s focal point for the Audit Committee. At the moment, she is in his last year of the bachelor Language and Culture Studies. For any questions related to finances, feel free to contact her at







Liam Beechouk is filling the new position of Internal Affairs Officer. This involves organising member interaction and the representation of CS Ubuntu on various social media platforms. He is a third-year History Bachelor student with a specialisation in Globalisation and a minor in Conflict Studies. His interests include postcolonialism and he will be overseeing the Activity Committee. Don’t hesitate to contact him at






Mouad Ahdi is this years’ External Affairs Officer. He will take care of the maintenance of relationships with aligned organizations and overseeing the academic side of Ubuntu, such as relevant internships, career opportunities or volunteer work. Mouad is in his last year of the History bachelor and shall be responsible for the Conflict Academy Committee. His interests include documentaries and films rooted in international relations and conflict studies. To get in touch with him, contact him at