Becoming a Board member

Call for applications: Four positions on the 2017-2018 CS Ubuntu Board!

Are you interested in issues of conflict, human rights, justice, international affairs and social relations? Do you enjoy working with a diverse group of Dutch and international students from various fields of studies? And do you want to get head over heels involved with the Utrecht University study association for Conflict Studies and Human Rights? CS Ubuntu is looking for four new Board members for the 2017-2018 academic year, starting from mid-June 2017.

CS Ubuntu is the study association for Conflict Studies and Human Rights at Utrecht University. CS Ubuntu consists of Bachelor- and Master Students, both Dutch and international, from the Faculties of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Law, Economics and Governance at Utrecht University. A substantial part of our members are enrolled in the minor Conflict Studies, others take courses on for example genocide or international law and yet others join out of general interest. All of us want to acquire a better understanding of human conflict and human rights. Thus, CS Ubuntu provides conflict studies-related activities with the aims of knowledge sharing, capacity building and career orientation, such as lectures, excursions, study trips and social activities.


The following positions on CS Ubuntu’s Board are open:

President: CS Ubuntu’s President takes the lead in the professional development of CS Ubuntu, chairs the board members and General Assemblies and represents CS Ubuntu in our partnerships with the Centre for Conflict Studies, the university and other important external partners. As President, you need to be able to think strategically, manage a team, have strong communicational skills and feel confident to take up major responsibilities and projects and deliver a speech every now and then.

Secretary: CS Ubuntu’s Secretary is in charge of administration, membership communication, all incoming e-mail and taking the minutes of the board meetings and General Assemblies. Furthermore, the Secretary is in charge of the editing and sending of our monthly newsletter and helps out with other various tasks within the board. As Secretary, you need to have strong communicational skills, creative thinking and a pro-active and can-do attitude.

Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for managing the financial resources of our study association, including the drafting of a budget for CS Ubuntu as well as collection of the membership fees, relevant subsidies, the selling of merchandise and other sources of income. As Treasurer, you need to have a feeling for numbers and money, be able to keep an accurate overview of all financial matters and be excited to share this with your fellow board members, committees and the every other member of CS Ubuntu.

External Affairs Officer: CS Ubuntu’s External Affairs Officers is in charge of acquisition of financial resources and promotion of our association’s activities. As the External Affairs Officers, you should feel passionate about CS Ubuntu’s mission and vision, enjoy marketing and sales and be proactive, creative and a great team player. The External Affairs Officer is both in charge of general promotion, flyers, Facebook and the website, but can also arrange new sponsorship deals with companies in and outside of Utrecht.


These are the positions that have been filled this year and need to be continued. However, since CS Ubuntu is still developing and growing each year, some additional positions could be added if we have enough qualified participants. We very much recommend having an Education Officer in the board that deals with all education matters surrounding the MA and minor Conflict Studies but we are also interested in your ideas and input!

Work on the board of CS Ubuntu takes about 7 – 12 hours a week, slightly dependent on the position, and can be readily combined with courses or an internship. English language proficiency is required. Depending on the people you get to work with, you might be able to do part of your work in Dutch. As a board member, you have weekly board meetings, will work closely with our committees and members and will represent our association in various partnership structures. Being on the board is a great learning experience, as it offers new insights into academia and the fields of conflict studies and human rights, a learning-by-doing-atmosphere, as well as much fun. What’s more, since this year CS Ubuntu’s board is eligible for board funding. This entails that Utrecht University compensates the time you put into CS Ubuntu financially. From 2016 – 2019, the board funds cover 1275 euros, to be divided amongst the board members.  


The call for applications is out until May 25. If you are interested, please let us know by sending your CV and letter of motivation to our current president Lisanne Veldt at In your application, please let us know if you are considering a particular position or are generally up for the task of serving on our board and taking CS Ubuntu to the next level. We plan on inviting all suitable candidates to meet with the CS Ubuntu Selection Committee on May 30 for an interview, after which the committee will review all applicants and will put forward a Candidate Board for the General Assembly on Thursday 8 June. So please keep these dates in mind if you’re planning to apply. At the General Assembly all CS Ubuntu members will be eligible to vote on next year’s board. That could be you or any of your colleagues or friends – feel free to spread the word and start writing your application!