Call for Board Members 2018/2019!

As our board year is coming to an end, we are glad to inform you that the applications for the next CS Ubuntu board are opened! Are you looking for a great year full of interesting new people, opportunities to develop practical skills and eager to broaden your horizon with new knowledge? Look no further and apply for one of the functions of the CS Ubuntu board! For more information check out this page: 

President: for the position of president we are looking for someone who is willing and able to become the main responsible board member. Someone who is not afraid to speak in public, who is organized and has a clear overview of what should happen with the association. As a president, you are the face and focal point of the organization so we are looking for someone who is both representative and enthusiastic. 

Secretary: the secretary is someone who is organized and is able to communicate rather formally to the members of the association. The main tasks of the secretary are taking notes at meetings and the member administration. Are you someone who is rather neat and precise and willing to use these skills in practice? This position fits you best

Treasurer: Our treasurer is our money person, and as you might know: the one in charge of the money is the real boss. As a treasurer, you are responsible for the financial healthiness of the Association. You make a budgetary and look for subsidies and funding. Further, you make sure that members pay their membership fee. 

External Affairs Officer: The external affairs officer is the Public Relations person of the association. This function is all about promotion and recruitment of members. Are you someone who is creative, enthusiastic and easily approachable? External affairs officers are involved with social media, offline promotion and acquisition. The position is rather less well defined than the other functions, which leaves much room for your own projects. 

Education Officer: This position has yet remained a shared one, but this can change in the future. The Education officer makes sure that there is good cooperation with the university and the Centre for Conflict Studies. This year, we have organized focus groups for the minor Conflict Studies and Human Rights in which students provided feedback for the course. Further, the position is in charge of organizing activities that complement the minor curriculum.