Disco Bowling

Need to take your mind off assignments and deadlines? On the 28th November, CS Ubuntu goes bowling! But not just bowling… disco bowling! If you’re looking for a way to relieve stress, throwing heavy objects in a competitive setting will certainly do the trick! If you’re new to CS Ubuntu or you’re an old-timer, come along at 9 pm to join us for an exciting evening of bowling, music and most importantly…fun!

For just €7.50 you can enjoy 2 hours of bowling accompanied by music and a light-show including lasers, beamers and smoke machines!

To sign up, please fill out and follow the instructions given on this google form:

Location: Bison Bowling, Mariaplaats 13A, 3511 LJ Utrecht
Time: 9 pm 
Cost: €7.50

See you there!
the Activities Committee