About us

Ubuntu means humanity towards others

 CS Ubuntu is the study association for Conflict Studies and Human Rights. It was created by and for students of Utrecht University. As an open study association, we take an interdisciplinary approach and welcome all those interested in the ever-relevant academic fields of conflict studies and human rights. We organize lectures, study trips, excursions and social activities. All of our activities are conducted in English.

Over the years, CS Ubuntu has had many members from a vast diversity of backgrounds, both in terms of nationality and in terms of academic specialization. Indeed, we have members from three different Faculties of Utrecht University – The Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance and the Faculty of Social Sciences – as well as exchange students from all over the world.

Membership of CS Ubuntu is open for

Utrecht University students who want to acquire a better understanding of human conflict and human rights.

As such, CS Ubuntu provides conflict studies-related activities in an international social setting, with the combined aims of knowledge sharing, capacity building, and career orientation.


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Until 31st of May

! Board Applications !

It is the time of the year again, CS Ubuntu is looking for new prospective board members!

Interested? Send your CV to ccsubuntu@gmail.com.

Questions? You are more than welcome to DM us here on Instagram, visit us in the board room at Drift 21 room 2.06 (top floor), or email us at ccsubuntu@gmail.com

16th-21st April

Sign ups CLOSED
Csubuntu Study Trip to Tbilisi, Gerogia!

Brace yourselves because we have planned to take you to the exceptionally stunning capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi.

The country is rich in history and relevant in relation to current conflicts. On top of that, Georgians are absolutely lovely, hospitable people who have some amazing national dishes that we cannot wait to try!

To go on this adventure, all you have to do is make up free time between the 16th-21st of April and pay a mere fee of 375 euros. The rest of the organising you may leave with us. Deadline for the sign-ups ends on January 25th.

We have 15 spots and if these are filled, do not give up all hope as you shall be placed on a list.

If this trip seems right up your alley please sign up below.

We look forward to making memories in Tbilisi with you!! 

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